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Dive calculator

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There is always use for some calculators, so why not gather them in one place. Please send us a tip if you have a idea of a dive related calculator / tool to be. Dive table calculator. Based on NAUI tables (View PDF). Depth of first dive: ft. Total time of first dive: min. Length of surface interval: hrs. min. Depth of second. Recreational dive planners are decompression tables in which non-stop time under water is calculated. The Dive Planner can be used to practice for your dive .

The NAUI Dive Tables use a Letter Group designation to express the amount of residual nitrogen in your body. The letters range in sequence from A to L. The. Uses the NOB ("Nederlandse Onderwatersport Bond") dive tables, based on the Canadian DCIEM ("Defense and Civil Institute of Environmental Medicine") dive. Scuba Diving Lift Bag Calculator. Now you can calculate how many cubic feet of air it will take to lift an object in salt or fresh water. Click Here to Calculate.

Home / DD Calculator. Degree of Difficulty Calculator. This page allows you to calculate the degree of difficulty for any dive you enter. Simply enter the dive. Dive Plan is a digital decompression table and log book, made using general public information, most compatible with PADI, SSI, SDI, NAUI, NAVI diving tables . Scuba Diving Calculators by Altitude Diving Calculator Estimated Diving Weight Calculator Surface Air Consumption (SAC) Calculator. 19 Jun How to read a PADI Recreational Dive Planner If you've ever wondered what the hardest part of scuba diving is - this is it. And I'll give you a. time the diver comes up to or within 3 pressure groups of a no de- compression limit and for any dive to a depth of 30m or deeper. Emergency Decompression.

Scuba Dives tables enable us to discover how long and how deep we can dive safely within the no-decompression limits for one or multiple scuba dives. Use The Scuba Doctor's online Trimix calculator to determine the price of your best mix trimix fill starting with an empty cylinder. Include a pressure group and surface interval: dive 40min at 60ft, group C, surface interval time 15 min. = Nitrox Calculator. Compute dive depths for nitrox. This is a simple calculator for recreational scuba divers to calculate gas consumption rate - SAC ((Surface Air Consumption). With the knowledge of gas.

12 May Knowing your dive tables isn't a skill that's paramount these days with the advent of dive computers, but it never hurts to learn the old fashioned. Nitrox diving calculations made easy. When we dive the pressure increases by 1 bar every 10 meters so the partial pressure of the oxygen (PO2) and the. A page that calculates prices for Coconut Tree Divers, from discover scuba diving to divemaster. I just finished working on a Dive Calculator based on the PADI dive tables. You can use it to calculate your letter groups for up to 5 repetitive.



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